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Store Naming Policy

“Store Name”

    All “Store Name” must comply to the guidelines specified in this policy.

  1. The “Store Name” must not be the same as any other existing store names on JD CENTRAL.

  2. In case where more than one Sellers applied for the same “Store Name”, JD CENTRAL will review the Seller’s application on the first come first serve basis. Once a Seller’s application is approved to use such “Store Name”, other Sellers’ applications that subsequently applied for such “Store Name” will be deemed denied.

  3. Any Sellers where its application to use a “Store Name” is denied by JD CENTRAL, such Seller is obliged to re-apply for a new “Store Name”.

  4. In case where a Seller wishes to change its “Store Name”, please submit a request to your Marketplace Manager.


“Store Naming” Guidelines

  1. Format

    “Store Name” must be a text or alphanumeric. All special characters are not allowed (i.e. !@#$%^&)

  2. Content

      A “Store Name” must not contain any of the following elements:

  • Any elements or references that are contrary to the public order, good moral, or national security

  • Unauthorized Brand Names

  • Derogatory, inappropriate, offensive, or sensitive words or phrases

  • Any misleading use of words or phrases

  • Sexually suggestive or explicit content including profanity, offensive slang terms, or sexually violence terms

  • Reference to violent or terrorist activities

  • Unauthorized reference to a well-known name

  • Any country names

  • Any phone number

  • Any links to other platform

  • Any indication to comparison such as “VS” or “better”

  • Any other platform names such as Lazada, Alibaba, Shopee, etc.

Types of “Store Name”

    There are two types of “Store Name” including, “Official Store” and “Authorized Store”.

  1. “Official Store”

    An “Official Store” refers to the stores that acquired the authorization from the Brand Name owner to use the Band Name’s trademarks and represent the Brand Name as the “Official Store”  

  • All “Official Store” are required to provide documents that will confirm their Seller’s right to use the Brand Name’s trademarks – including the proof of trademark registration

  • An “Official Store” name shall be formatted in the following manner, “[Brand Name] Official Store”

  • Examples of “Official Store” name format are shown below:


Figure 1 – Example of Official Store name by Brand Name

Figure 2 -  Example of Official Store name by Retailer


   2. “Authorized Store”

    An “Authorized Store” refers to the store that are given an authorization from the Brand Name to operate a store on JD CENTRAL platform and act as the Brand Name’s “Distributor”.

  • All “Authorized Store” are required to provide the authorization document(s) issued by the Brand Name, in which states that the Seller receives the Brand Name’s permission to open and operates a store on JD CENTRAL platform

  • In case where the Seller have their own company or brand, the “Store Name” shall be formatted in the following manner, “[Seller’s company or Seller’s brand] – Authorized Store”

  • An example of the “Authorized Store” name format is as below:

Figure 3 -  Example of an Authorized Store name that have their own company

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